The Tourettes, to put it scientifically, is a band which loves you. This page attempts to offer information about the phenomenon that is... THE TOURETTES.

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Tourette Bios

Please read this semi-erroneous information about each member of the Tourettes.


Caolan is the main singer for the Tourettes. Her lovely lilting l--um--larynx offers rich tunes straight from the rolling moors and pyramids of Ireland. Actually, she isn't really from Ireland but her name is. And her ancestors were, too, I guess. Caolan is totally glam. She's the "energetic front-woman", in the words of her shy, bookish, nerdy boyfriend. She is thirty inches tall.


Joanna's the drummer. She's goofy and crazy! But oh, so beautiful. She twists your words.


Hannah is the lovely guitarist. Sometimes she performs wacky stunts backstage. She's the sweet one.


Dawn is almost as cute as a button. She plays keyboard and bass.


Paul (1845-1924) wrote his Opus 45 piano Quartet in 1886, the same year he composed his masterful Requiem. Although in his earlier chamber works Paul had closely followed classical French models of form and harmony, in Opus 45 the outlines are romantically bold, and discords unexpected.

Tourettes Emerita


Alejandra is the one that can play all the instruments. In this way, she's like the ultimate alternate: if any of the other Tourettes are unable to perform their duties, she steps in. She also sometimes takes over for other Tourettes if they're feeling faint or they want to flirt instead of making beautiful music or if she feels like it. She wrote the smash hit "(I Just Wanna) Party (With You)". She is mildly introverted. Sometimes they call her "Allie". Her favorite color is pink.


Sara plays bass. They made her join when Alejandra broke all her arms. Now she's just along for the ride! She enjoys rice.


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