The Tourettes, to put it scientifically, is a band which loves you. This page attempts to offer information about the phenomenon that is... THE TOURETTES.

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The Tourettes Cut A Record: Life is Pretty!

Here's what some guy* at the New Haven Advocate has to say about the Tourettes' freshman effort, "Life is Pretty": like "tooth-cracking sweet bubble gum" the band's "well-constructed, lo-fi, smirking, garagey" sound features "more tongue-in-cheek humor than your first Frenching session." Ever wanted to have a Frenching session with a "slumber party made up of a 7th grade girls' gym class"? Put on those tube socks, honey, send us $10, and get ready to sweat! Send your cash or check (made out to Alejandra O'Leary), plus a fake name and a real address, to:
The Tourettes
P.O. Box 200727
New Haven, CT 06520-0727

& you'll get 13 tracks of kissable, snugglable, musical kickball. Or something.

*PS: This guy also thinks Caolan sounds like the girl from the Baby Got Back video. What do you think? E-mail Caolan at! You can also ask her any pertinent questions you got about the album. But don't ask her to be on your sleepover softball team, because she throws like a sleeping girl. For real!

Press Coverage

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A real sweet review from our alma mater's daily paper
We said inane things to this New Haven Advocate reporter and she wrote a profile on us! (You'll have to scroll down to read it.)
The Advocate covered our farewell show at BAR in New Haven. You have to scroll down for this one, too.

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