The Tourettes, to put it scientifically, is a band which loves you. This page attempts to offer information about the phenomenon that is... THE TOURETTES.

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Mission Statement This page may or may not contain nothing but the single sentence "To Rock Your Socks Off".

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Tourettes

Isn't there another band called "The Tourettes"?

At least one. They used to be here but we wiped them out.

How did these Tourettes (not the others) come up with their name?

I don't know.

What kind of music do the Tourettes play?

Um... rock and roll?

How did the Tourettes form?

I think a lot of them went to Yale together.

Are the Tourettes live shows rockin'?

I've never been to one, but I hear they're fantastic.

Was this site made by someone who hadn't actually met two-thirds of the Tourettes?


Who can I thank for bringing me this amazing rock?

Many many people. Primarily the six (!) members of The Tourettes, who ate lots of dinners off a single tray in order to create good rock for you in a basement; but also Scott Amore, who recorded & mixed the album in his house and provided much help and advice and patience; Chris Warren, who mastered the album using his strange sound-engineering throne in his tiny room while Tourettes prowled around him, pawing at his stuff and sleeping on his couch and bickering about song order (you have to buy the album to hear his work, as demos are unmixed and unmastered); Nathan Beaudry, who replicates the CDs and is very nice about making new ones and letting Tourettes paw at his stuff; various supportive friends and lovers, who will go nameless (especially the boyfriends, as we wouldn't want to destroy the fantasy); and little Laura Hughes, who made this site with her bare hands.

All music copyright 2002, The Tourettes (Alejandra O'Leary, Dawn Chan, Caolan Madden, Joanna Neborsky, Sara Sani, Hannah Whitaker), except for "Nothing But A Heartache" by Bickerton/Waddington and "You're No Good" by Ballard. Art and webdesign copyright 2002, Laura Hughes (Caolan's boyfriend's sister).